Cat Killer Poisoned 30 Pets in Village

After 30 pets were reported to have died in the same area police and the RSPCA suspect a serial cat killer is on the loose. The village of Stogursey, in Quantock Hills, Somerset, has the RSPCA confused as to why someone would poison so many cats.

Emma Guy, 30, reported her cat Marbles became the latest victim after eating a suspicious substance, vomiting and dying of kidney failure. The post mortem by vets shown that the chemical in question was ethylene glycol, a toxic chemical often found in anti-freeze.

Residents are fearing for the safety of their pets ever since numerous numbers of healthy cats died of kidney failure related to poisoning. As many as 30 cats are expected to be victims of the murders.

One member of the public said a work colleague’s cat had been sprayed with aerosol glue.

Jo Daniel an RSPCA inspector said “Until we find the source of the poison, we cannot rule out the possibility that this was a deliberate attempt to harm an animal. I would urge anyone who has any relevant information to get in touch with the RSPCA so we can prevent any more cats from suffering.”

The symptoms of poisoning including vomiting, seizures, appearing sleepy or drunk, difficulty breathing, increased thirst and increased urination.

If found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal the maximum penalty faced is six-month in prison and a £20,000 fine under the Animal Welfare Act.

Source: The Daily Telegraph – November 10th 2010


  1. This is horrendous - it is going on all the time

  2. I agree we lost 3 cats on our street and no bodies were found