Cats save lives

Brent and Lynnette Ojanguren woke up to their cats screeching early Sunday morning only to have their house set ablaze as they were safely downstairs checking up on their pets.

The house was destroyed by the fire by the time the Firefighters arrived. Allen Craig, City Fire Chief for Baldwin City, said they were quick to respond but the fire had already done extensive damage.

Firefighters battled the blaze for hours as small fires kept appearing all over the building. They were able to keep the fire from spreading and causing harm to anyone else in the area.

The Ojanguren’s have three cats in the house, with the newest cat often causing fights with the other male cat of the house. During the night, the cats started screeching, which wasn’t unusual, but Brent went to check on the cats to make sure everything was okay. It was at that time he noticed their dining room curtain on fire and the blaze spreading fast. He alerted his wife and by the time they had escaped through the back of the house the entire living room and dining room were on fire.

“The smoke was billowing pretty thick” Lynnette said “We knew if we hadn’t woke up just then that we might not have made it out. So, our cats saved our lives.”

She was also thankful two of their children weren’t home that night having been told to stay with their father in Lawrence because she didn’t want them driving home late.

Despite the tragedy the couple are thankful to be alive and especially thankful to their cats who saved their lives.

Source: November 11th 2010

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  1. This is crazy the cats were screaming because the place was burning. They aren't stupid even if the Americans are