How it all began!

The cat saga all began I guess some 20 or so years ago when a cat intruded itself into our lives. It wasn't really wanted but it didn't care - it was coming in the house any way. The cat called Catze ( spelling variable) lived with our neighbours - Alan and Mitzy White and their children Lindsay and Duncan. My wife Pat hated cats and if they came near here she would freeze but they always came near her. This large white-ish determined creature would waltz in through any open door and settle on her lap if this was at all possible. From there it negotiated a route to the bedroom and would curl into a ball on the warmest spot.

One day the Whites went off to France and said 'As Catze now spends so much time in your house - could you feed him for us?' Of course we couldn't say no. And we fed him and bought some cat food for the first time in case he was hungry in our house.

Then after two days I saw him limping down the drive - one painful step at a time, stopping, crying and then setting off again towards not his home but our house. I opened the door and it lifted up its paw and cried. I hated lifting or holding cats, their bodies bend and you can feel their bones but he was in pain - I had to pick him up. That was the beginning of a long journey.

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