Too Fat For The Cat Flap

It's not only humans who are being struck with obesity over the last few years, cats are now suffering from the same condition.

The average feline is expected to weigh 11lbs by 2020, officially obese for a normal sized animal and pushing the limits of conventional flaps. Around a third of cats and dogs currently treated at surgeries are obese, with the excess weight creating serious health ­problems in many pets.

Experts say this will rise sharply as cats mirror the trend in humans for eating huge portions and failing to take enough exercise. Many owners are also apparently blind to their pet’s weight problem, and are failing to control how much and what they eat.

Experts advise owners of fat cats to cut their pet’s portions by around one fifth and encourage play. It is often said that pets “grow” to become more like their owners. Certainly it is unusual to see a very trim person come in to the surgery with a very overweight pet.

Source: The Daily Mail - Friday 3rd December 2010

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