Fear of disease from cat attack

When postman Andrew Goater delivered mail to Mr & Mrs White's house he did not expect a tortoiseshell cat, Lana, waiting for him hungry for blood. The cat scratched his hand as he posted the letters attacking him via the letterbox with his claws.

As a result Royal Mail ordered the couple to keep their pet away from the front door or face a ban on deliveries to their home in Porstmouth.

"I was shocked and thought someone was playing a joke," said 36-year-old Mr White, a father of two. "She’s really docile. I can pick her up like a baby and she won’t bat an eyelid." The family have had Lana for 18 months. "Our letterbox is about six inches off the ground and she likes to sit behind it"

Now the postman knocks each morning to hand our post to us in case the cat is there.

"Normally you hear about postmen being attacked by the dog but this cat just came out of nowhere," Goater said. "It was a really vicious scratch. The cut was bleeding for two hours and customers complained their mail had blood on it. I went to hospital and got a booster jab for tetanus. The staff said cats have more diseases than dogs, so you have to be careful."

Royal Mail confirmed it had contacted the family to ensure its staff could ‘continue to safely deliver to the address in the future.

Source: Daily Mail, November 2nd 2010

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