Clever Cat : Ginger Tom dials 999

When Police responded to a 999 call the last thing they expected on the other end was a cat. The ginger tom cat owner Howard Moss, aged 64, woke up at 2:30 a.m. to find two officers knocking his door. The officers explained they were answering an emergency call made from within his house yet Mr. Moss insisted he was asleep when the number was dialled.

The officers then proceeded to search the house in Brynmill, Swansea, and found Ginger, one of Mr. Moss’s three cats, asleep next to the phone – which was off the hook.

Mr. Moss explained: “I was in a deep sleep and was stumbling downstairs from my bedroom to the attic to see two burly policemen at the door and a police van blocking the road outside. I was puzzled to say the least because I had been alone in the house and had been fast asleep. I thought it might have been a prank call from another address in the area.”

Police confirmed the call was made from within Mr. Moss’s home however found no signs of disturbance. The only possible conclusion was that the cat, while asleep had dialled the emergency number. Police say the chances of it happening were small and it’s unlikely to happen again. Mr. Moss added;
“They told me it was the first time they had come across this, and it would probably be the last.”

Source: The Telegraph - December 11th 2010

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