The Tenth Life: the cats make a call and save a life

(Our band of free thinking cats have found themselves with a terrible dilemma as they see the old lady suffer a heart attack!)

She gripped her throat and her chest, took one step backward, then put out a hand as if to steady herself. Then she stumbled almost on top of Sampson before dropping to the ground on her back.
Sampson barked and then put his face very close to hers. For a few seconds he licked her face but then stood back as if asking for help.
“Oh dear,” said Purrl. “I’ve seen this before. She’s sick. Have we done this to her like little Samsy?”
“Come on Nailz.” Tel leapt onto the bench that the old lady had been sitting on a few minutes ago. “You keep Sampson barking.”
“How do I do that?”
“Just chew his tail. He’ll think it’s a game and bark and bark.”
“And bite my head off,”
“Just do it!”
“What are you going to do?”
“Use the phone – get help.” At that Tel followed by the three girls went up to the back door of the house, “OK find the phone. I need one of those with the buttons on and I’ll need help to knock off the speaker bit.”
They ran into a small corridor and let into a small sitting room. Purrl saw the telephone first and jumped onto a small table beside a comfortable old chair.
“Well done Purrl. Let’s push the speaker bit off.”
Try as they might they couldn’t get the top part off the phone,
“I need to get to the buttons.” Tel stopped again and listened very hard. “That dog has stopped barking. Toot get out there and help Nailz excite the daft mutt. Come on you two 12 paws must be better than one hand.”
At Tel’s instruction they all pushed with all their might at the slippy, smooth piece of plastic. But however hard they pushed it wouldn’t move, “Let’s push underneath – everybody.”
This did succeed in moving the awkward shaped thing a tiny way off the set but when they let go it settled back on the base again.
“Right that’s it – stand back.” Purrl and Toot moved out of his way and he backed right up to the door.
“What on earth?” started Purrl but before she could finish her sentence Tel was flying through the air at a tremendous speed. He hit the telephone which crashed to the ground with a splitting and cracking noise.
“That’s done it,” Said Toot.
“Well it started the dog barking at least,” responded Tel. Sampson had obviously heard the crashing and had come to investigate. “Keep him out of my way,” said Tel “Purrl, he likes you be nice to him.”
At that Sampson saw Purrl and stopped his racket and dropped on all fours beside her.
“Right,” said Tel, “I’m going to try to get help.”
“Press 999 – that’s help. These are really big buttons and that helps. I’m going to press them and then we do a runner. Hopefully there’ll be somebody at the other end and the barking will bring them here. Here goes.”
Tel lifted one paw and produced one claw from it’s furry cover. He looked at the buttons and then started to press. Then he stopped and listened intently.
“Right I think I can do it. When I say go I want the biggest, wickedest cat call you’ve ever done. Make it as long as you can. Then when it’s over we run. Understand everybody?”
Apart from the panting Sampson, who was now licking Purrl to pieces, the assembled group, joined by Nailz, were ready.
Tel produced his claw and pressed the same button three times, held his paw to his mouth, listened intently and then dropped it suddenly to the floor.
The cat shriek was such that it was almost unbearable to their ears. Sampson abruptly stood up and rushed outside to begin barking frantically.
“That’s it children, time to make a quick exit.” Tel led the way and the whole group rushed down the path towards the front of the house and safety.
Purrl stopped at the gate and shouted to Nailz “But is it us? Have we hurt her? Are we really the killers?”

Extract from The Tenth life - A brand new cat adventure in a dangerous world!


  1. Was this adapted from the newspaper or written first?

  2. It was written as part of the Tenth Life - the novel about the real threats to cats!

  3. And where can I see the rest of it!

  4. Hopefully as a book but perhaps on line?

  5. I'd really like to know more about the Tenth Life.

  6. Gets more intruiging - is this story set in the USA?

  7. No in the Cathedral city of Lichfield

  8. Keep in there - this is getting better every day in every cat way!

  9. Will try there is a whole book full!