Can you provide the new home for Volder-mog?

14 year old stray cat Charlie has been unable to find a new home - because he looks too much like Harry Potter's evil archenemy Lord Voldemort. The abandoned cat had to have its ears and nose removed after suffering from skin cancer.

Workers at the Blue Cross animal charity say visitors have been scared off by the white cat's resemblance to Ralph Fiennes' character in the blockbuster movies.

And the similarities don't end there as Charlie must now live in solitude since he fell out with other animals at the sanctuary.

Now he sits alone, staring out of his castle cage, waiting to be freed.

Previous owner was unable to keep him as he did not get on with her two cats and dog, so poor Charlie was taken to the Blue Cross in Southampton.

She said,

“'Charlie has no problems with not having ears or a complete nose - he hears you, smells things as normal and does have the sneezes now and then.”

They are now desperately trying to re-home Charlie and say a family of Harry Potter fans could offer their best hope.

Animal welfare assistant Marie Loveridge said:

'At first glance, people may be put off by Charlie because he does look like Voldemort, the baddie from the Harry Potter films.

Previous owner would like to inform any potential owner that:

'Charlie may be 14-years-old but he still loves to roll around playing with toys. He has got so much to give a new family and would make a wonderful companion.

She also added,

'Sitting with him brightens up your day and before you know it you no longer notice that he has no ears or nose.' Veterinary surgeon Alison Thomas said: 'Charlie is an extreme example of what can happen to cats if they suffer too much exposure to the sun.

She recommends keeping pets like Charlie in the shade or indoors on the hottest days of the year and also to apply child-friendly sun-block to their skin.' Lord Voldemort is Harry Potter's biggest enemy in the series of books written by J. K. Rowling.

Anyone who would like to adopt Charlie is asked to call the Blue Cross on 02380 692 894 or visit to donate.

Source: Daily Mail Online 11th February 2011


  1. So did I, and hope he finds a loving home.

  2. We do worry - you have to be so careful with white cats. Please take him in some one

  3. Thanks to everycat!