The Medical Story

A meeting has been held in secret to discuss the issues raised about cats being infectious to humans by the major military, medical establishment from the USA and the UK and are in part responsible for the leaked story about 'sleeping with cats'.

Some of the conclusions are laid out below from a statement of a Major General of the Royal Veterinary Service:

“There are 9 million cats in this country… they may be responsible for 275 million deaths in the UK alone. ( This was meant to include all things killed by cats including mice!)

10,000 years ago Toxoplasma Gondii came into existence which is a bug originally thought to be harmless however scientist at Washington University recently discovered that this bug is harmful and can infect humans.

“This bug can only be found in cats, the cats even infect mice with the bug”.

Once infected with the bug the mice begin to behave recklessly and stagger around in circles. However how does this relate to humans? Well, according to the Long Island Cottage Hospital New York study shows that black cats are really dangerous!

According to Dr Shahzad Hussain.

“They produce something called Fel d1 which creates appalling allergic reactions in humans that can increase twenty times if you sleep with your cat.” .

It is advised that whatever you do – do not sleep with your cat to avoid these allergic reactions.

This is only the start of the dangers of cats. Scientist have traced the SARS virus to a cat eaten as a delicacy in China.

“It is highly likely the virus jumped from cats to humans, so if you think cats are warm and cuddly beware they can kill – that’s the scientific summary” – Professor Yuen Kwok-yung.

Another commentator stated that “there is no doubt that all cats may be infected, survive as carriers of the disease and be ready to go out and attack the human population”

Source – The Tenth Life: Mike Owen Media


  1. alesusamichiganqueen1Wednesday, February 09, 2011

    This is why people will kill cats - why is it in secret?

  2. It is getting stupid! Cat baiting

  3. I want to know why is this stuff getting out bit by bit - we had the sleeping with cats stuff the other day which is in here. But will we see the rest soon. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but this is getting silly.

  4. Is this satire on the hysteria surrounding pet ownership and hygiene?

  5. These facts seem frightening but why was this meeting in secret and why are these facts being withheld?

  6. I personally think the numbers are distorted since it includes 'all things killed by cats'. So in all honesty I think the death for a human caused by a cat is considerably small.

  7. I've only just seen this - I have four cats and am never ill! Is this scare mongering?