STRIKING NEW RESEARCH shows that saving pets from deadly diseases could save people too.

One Cat, a couple of veterinarians and a neurosurgeon are all part of a team that may find new medicines for a very painful and deadly disease in people and pets.

Diabetes, cancer and leukaemia are all very real diseases that not only kill people but our pets as well. New research is proving if doctors can save our pets from deadly dieses the same may just save us too.

Dr. Mamelak said

“We have made some early discoveries that are already beginning to translate into potential clinical therapies for dogs and cats, and hopefully down the line into people”

The cedars surgeons are training veterinarians in Los Angele are able to perform the procedure, It is their hope that they will then be able to train other vets across the country too. The surgery for pets costs $10,000 but is a cure if successful.

On the other hand life time medication for a pet costs several thousands of dollars, but only helps the symptoms. It will not stop the disease from growing.

It is a double reward saving pets and saving people!!


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