VIRGINIA BLACKBURN speaks about her views on sleeping with pets…

ANOTHER day, another ridiculous piece of advice from the medical community. This one involves sharing your bed with pets: don’t do it, warn the doom mongers.

They’re dirty and will give you horrible diseases. Which suggests to me that the authors of Emerging Infectious Diseases, as the report is so snappily called, can never have had a domestic animal. For while the actual chance of getting something nasty from your furry flatmate is extremely small the benefits of having sleepovers with something that purrs just cannot be outweighed.And how much better if that teddy is alive and breathing and capable of giving you the odd affectionate head butt in the depths of the night?

Years ago I lived in a miserable flat, made bearable only by the presence of two kittens. We would all sleep in my bed: one kitten on the pillow facing me and the other perching on my hip. In the middle of the night I would turn over, the kitten on my hip would fall off and climb back on to the other one. The kitten on the pillow would switch sides. Then we’d all go back to sleep. But it never once failed to make me smile.
Unlike their human counterparts cats and dogs do not steal the blankets, do not wake you in the middle of the night for an argument and do not get up in a foul temper which they proceed to take out on you. Occasionally they even appear pleased to see you.

Every bedstead in the country should have one. Frankly it would work wonders for the nation’s mental health.

SOURCE: January 27th 2011

Tell us your views on sleeping with pets?


  1. As long they've been to a vet theres nothing to worry about. Unlike dogs, cats are known to be a very clean animal so the likely hood of getting anything from your pet would be frankly ridiculous in my opinion.

  2. I couldn't have agreed more myself. Cats were once worshiped by the Egyptians as godly creatures. And in addition i also agree that they've always been known to be one of the cleanest pets. I'm curious as to what the diseases is and the severity of this diseases? is it all blown out of proportion by these medical researchers?

  3. Diseases nonsense please contact me at the centre for cat related conditions