Cat call to home strays

Birmingham mail is asking for your help to find stray cats a loving home.

When two feral kittens were trapped in the garage of a Birmingham hospice it could have been a disaster however, staff at Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice, in Selly Park, discovered the male and female kittens and passed them on to the sanctuary in Hopwood.

The kittens have been named Saint and Mary.

Hospice receptionist Elaine James, said:

“I couldn’t believe it when we caught both of the kittens in one go. We were delighted that they are to be re-homed.”

Saint and Mary will make lovely pets for the right owner. If anyone would like to take either or both of them on, please get in touch with Cramer cat sanctuary.

“All that we would ask is that you make a small donation, which we will split between both of the charities”

Anyone interested should call the sanctuary on 0121 445 1840. You can also visit the Cramar Cat website

Source: Birmingham Mail


  1. I think the hospice should keep these adorable kittens.

  2. I've shared the details on FB.