WHEN mogie Oscar curls up next to an elderly resident at Steere House nursing home in the US, it usually means one thing.

This ordinary looking tabby has been nicknamed “cat of death” due to his extraordinary abilities. Doctors believe he has predicted the death of more than 50 patients.

When Oscar sits beside a resident at the nursing home, doctors know they must act. The patient's family is called to say goodbye and sometimes a priest gives the last rites.

Oscar has a very un-usual skill, he is thought to be able to detect the time at which a patient will pass away to within 24 hours.

This remarkable ability took the interest of Dr David Dosa who has now watched Oscar doing his rounds on at Steere House for more than 5 years!! He claims that Oscar has now successfully predicted the deaths of more than 50 patients.

Dr Dosa thinks Oscar's unerring ability has something to do with his acute sense of smell.

He said:

"As cells die, carbohydrates are degraded to many different oxygenated compounds including various ketones - chemical mixtures with a fragrant aroma. Could it be Oscar smells an elevated level of a chemical compound released prior to death?"


Oscar had been following a nurse on her rounds, but when they arrived at patient Ruth's room he refused to leave the elderly lady's bedside.

Dr Dosa said: "Oscar leaped on to the bed. He gazed at his patient. He circled once, twice - preparing a place to curl up next to her."

Mary Miranda, a day nurse at the home, assessed the patient but medically there was nothing that could be done. Oscar did not leave Ruth until she died - later the same day.

Oscar has never got a prediction wrong but Dr Dosa admits his bizarre gift is not always welcome.

Dr Dosa added:

"Having Oscar around always seems to bring a last smile to their face before they pass on."

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Source: The Sun Online, 25/02/2011


  1. I'm not so sure about the nickname. Its kind of scary!

  2. I think as long as the patient doesn't know about Oscars ability, it would be alright. As it would scare me if I knew I was about to die.

  3. I think this is a great gift, it allows loved ones to say their good byes.

  4. I've talked to the cats and explained I'd rather not know leave it to the medics!

  5. It's good and it's not good! Doctors are supposed to do that!

  6. but a little help for the doctors is always good