"Top of the end scale" cruelty Case

A man has admitted to killing a cat by swinging it head-first into a wall at least four times!

Jason Metcalfe aged 29 year old is believed to have flew into a drunken rage when female tabby Bonnie approached him in the street in Earby, Lancashire.

His attack was witnessed by a nine-year-old who was playing nearby.

Metcalfe, of Kenilworth Drive, could not remember anything of the incident on September 28 last year when he was interviewed by the RSPCA the following day.

Chris Wyatt, prosecuting, said the cat suffered various injuries to its head and face and died from the severe head injuries, he said:

"Whether he was drunk or not he was clearly in a rage and took his frustrations out on the cat. It is not a humane way to deal with an animal,"

Metcalfe pleaded guilty to failing to meet the needs of the cat by not protecting her from the pain she suffered before death.

Source: The Press Association


  1. This is another disgusting act of violence experienced by a helpless cat.

  2. Theres two things that worry me; firstly the brutality from a human to torture and kill a cat in that way. Secondly for it to be done infront of a 9 year old child. disgusting

  3. It defies explanation but I think this person would do it to the child - kill an animal in this way people are next. I think many murderers start by abusing pets and harmless animals

  4. He will get a slap on the wrist and continue hurting animals when he is drunk. I wish people could concentrate on the actual crime instead of trying to imbue it with more importance by bringing children into the discussion. He brutally killed an animal without remorse, not a child.