Amazing Cat Gives a Thumbs Up

Youtube video has prooved to be a major hit, when Jimmy the Cat gives us a thumbs up!

This black moggie has been labeled the 'coolest cat in the world' by it's viewers.

Owner say's:

'Jimmy is a polydactyl cat. He's probably the laziest cat in the world but he's also super clever and has thumbs. And he's got a great party trick :-)'

Of course, it is always quite possible the incident was a fluke, or it's another internet hoax and the voices dubbed on the video afterwards, but it's more fun to assume it's genuine.

To see the video please visit....


  1. It looks like something of a cartoon

  2. OOer I think this is a trick and not that clever really

  3. I can see people try to get their cats to do this -don't try

  4. i think its awesome how long did it take him to learn it?