Is Larry really Jo from a south London council estate?

Larry the ex stray cat has been living it up in downing street, however , Larry shouldn’t get to comfy on the sofa at downing St because rumour has it, he actually belongs to Cat lover Margaret Sutcliffe.

Margaret claims she adopted Larry, or Jo as she called him, as a stray cat two years ago. She went on to explain how he had lived happily with her in Bermondsey, cuddled up in her living room until he vanished last October.

The next time she saw him ‘nearly died’ with shock. There was her Jo on TV and in the newspapers the new employee of the Prime Minister, labelled to tackle to rat problem on Downing St.

Thanks to his tabby markings and distinctive eyes Margaret has no doubt that Larry is her cat.

A Facebook group was set up in order to raise awareness of this situation and has already gained 500 fans, and some even sent letters to the Prime Minister demanding Larry’s return to his home.

Have your say? Do you think Larry should stay under the wing of the Prime Minister or disregard his duty as ‘rat catcher’ and return to his loving home!

SOURCE: The Daily Mail 24/02/2011


  1. Wouldn't she have documents if it were her cat?

  2. I believe I remember that Larry was neutered by Battersea Cats & Dogs Home. He's certainly still got the cheeks of a recently neutered tom. Why didn't this lady get him neutered to reduce his straying? Why wasn't he microchipped? Cats Protection, Blue Cross, PDSA (and Battersea??) all offer help to those on low incomes who need to get their pets spayed and neutered.