A Rapid City resident says he caught a mountain lion attacking 1 of his barn cats on Sunday.

Tom Cox told the Rapid City Journal that 6 of his barn cats had mysteriously disappeared over the past few days. He says he caught a malnourished 4-year-old female lion in the act on Sunday.

GF&P conservation officer Blair Waite says that when he arrived, he noticed the animal was behaving oddly and wasn't healthy. He says it either was starving or had some disease and wasn't able to catch food.

The animal was euthanized.

Waite says it isn't uncommon for mountain lions to kill domestic cats, but this lion needed to be killed, based on its health and location.

The lion will undergo testing to assess any diseases.

Source: The associated press 28/02/2011


  1. The lions around here are not very thick on the ground

  2. A bit of an unfair fight! them cats never stood a chance even if the lion was ill

  3. There is feline spongieform encelopathy - like mad cow disease that affects all types of cats. I'm sure the spelling is wrong but it is out there