Larry the Cat prefers finer food ‘s than rats: His posh diet means he dines on 'greener' fish than the Prime Minister

The mystery over why Larry the Downing Street cat shuns his rat-catching duties may finally have been solved . . . he already eats far too well. Better than the Prime Minister himself it is believed.

Green campaigners have revealed that Larry's fish is greener than that given to ministers and staff at Number 10.

They have written a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron that highlighted the fact that leading pet food producers, such as Whiskers, are more committed to sourcing sustainable ingredients than the government itself.

Alex Jackson, co-ordinator of the campaign, said:

'It is shameful that Government is introducing seafood standards for some parts of the public sector which are weaker than those standards in Larry's pet food.

'The Government must make it compulsory for all seafood which is bought by the taxpayer and served in public sector institution to be proven to be sustainable.'

The letter, signed by Marine Conservation Society, the Environmental Justice Foundation, the Shellfish Association, the Sustain alliance of food and farming organisations and the Good Food for Our Money campaign, warns the Prime Minister that the standards fail to show leadership on the issue of sustainable fish.

It said: '[The standards] mean that fish served to the Cabinet and staff at Number 10, will almost certainly have worse sustainability standards than the pet food served up to the PM's Larry the cat, given that - unlike Government - leading pet food brands such as Whiskas have committed to achieving full seafood sustainability.

Source: The Daily Mail 02/02/11


  1. The campaigners might be misguided about Whiskas, though I suppose by-products from the meat and cereal industry will always be sustainable as long as those two industries thrive!

  2. I like the idea catfood is called Whiskers - mishtake shurely!