Catnav! Lost pet used sewers to get home in ten-day trek

Pet cat Midnight took ten days to find its way home by navigating two miles of sewers. The cat was found under a manhole sewer just yards from its front door.

Black cat Midnight got lost in a storm drain but used her incredible homing instinct to negotiate the maze of underground tunnels.

Owner Jeanette Young, 39, had given up hope of find her when a neighbour heard faint meows from a manhole cover outside her home.

She called water company Severn Trent which dispatched two workmen to rescue the bedraggled moggie - who was filthy but unhurt.

The workmen said the nearest place that Midnight could have entered the sewer system was two miles away.

Miss Young said:

'We are all delighted she is home. She is doing very well, although she was a bit smelly when she first came out.’.

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  1. Cats are truly amazing creatures