Eccleshill man let his dog cause horrific injuries to pet cat

Bradford Magistrates court has heard of a serious case of animal cruelty as Ryan Lambert aged 23 failed to keep his dog under control when attacking a neighbour’s cat, causing critical injuries.

Ryan was found guilty of failing to keep the greyhound lurcher-type dog under control.

The dog was seen dragging the cat like a doll along a nearby alleyway by a neighbour in September last year, Bradford magistrates were told yesterday.

Ryan got hold of his animal, took the cat out of its mouth and dragged the dog away, magistrates were told.

When he returned he placed the cat in the corner of the alleyway and said it would be all right, the court heard.

Dennis Schulman, prosecuting on behalf of Bradford Council, said the cat’s belly was bleeding and one of its hind legs hung behind it.

Mr Cleary called to another neighbour, whom he believed owned the cat, and then contacted a vet, who put the animal down due to the severity of its injuries, the court heard.

Mr Cleary later realised the dog was owned by a man who kept dogs in cages at his house, Mr Schulman said.

The matter was brought to the attention of the Council’s dog warden manager Terry Singh in November, when a meeting was held to discuss residents’ concerns over cats being attacked by dogs in the area.

Lambert, who had admitted his dog had caused the cat’s injuries, told Mr Singh his animals were used for rabbiting and were generally obedient, coming back to him when called.

He said the cat had come into his garden while he was bathing the dog’s feet and had been grabbed as it jumped over the garden wall.

Lambert was found guilty of two offences under the Animal Welfare Act.

Magistrates adjourned the case for sentencing on April 4.

Source: Bradford Telegraph


  1. Some dog owners need to have better control over their dog's.

  2. He should have kept his dog on a leash