Meet Lilly - the cat that can predict epileptic fits

Owner of Lilly, Nathan Cooper faced a near death epileptic fit but was saved by his cat Lilly. She can detect fits Nathan, 19 suffers on a weekly basis before they happen.

‘Normally she’s a quiet little thing, but when Nathan has a fit she starts running up and down the stairs, meowing at the top of her voice,’ said the teenager’s mother Tracey yesterday.

‘She definitely has some sort of sense that means she knows about them before they happen, and it means we can stop Nathan hurting himself by falling on something or knocking furniture over.’

Mrs Cooper, Nathans mother believes 14-mothd old Lilly has already saved her son’s life once:

‘After one fit, Nathan stopped breathing, and Lilly was really worried. Then she started licking his mouth, and somehow it kick started his breathing. Now she won’t leave his side.’

Later, hospital staff told Mrs Cooper, a full-time carer for her son and her disabled husband Simon, 44, that it was not unheard of for pets to be able to sense impending epileptic fits.

Some experts have claimed that the acute sense of smell possessed by cats and dogs may help them detect barely perceptible chemical changes within the human body in advance of a fit.

Lilly’s life-saving sixth sense helped her win the cat category in a My Pet Superstar contest, sponsored by worming specialists Drontal.

Source: The Daily Mail


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