Dangerous leopard cat finds new home in Galloway

A ‘dangerous’ species of cat found in London has been re-homed to a wildlife conservation centre in southern Scotland.

This specific type of cat is more commonly found in Asia and Russia and requires a license under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act.

The cat was handed to Battersea Dogs home, however it has now been transferred to the Galloway Wildlife Conservation Centre.

Conservation manager John Denerley said the female cat was settling in well.

"We've welcomed the Amur leopard cat here, we had one before," he said.

"This cat receives the best care we offer.

"She is young and was a bit nervous, so she has to acclimatise to her enclosure and it will take a few days before she can explore the whole area."

Visit the website here > http://www.gallowaywildlife.co.uk/

Source: BBC Scotland

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