Woman And Cat Rescued From Cliff Edge

Solent Coastguard was called out to Atherfield Point last night after an 18 year old woman slipped 30 feet during an attempt to rescue her cat.

Solent Coastguard says they received a 999 call just before 7pm. Along with an ambulance, Ventnor and Needles Coastguard Rescue Teams rushed to the scene to rescue the young lady (and the cat).

After the Coastguard rescue officers and the paramedic worked their way down to the ledge where the young lady was trapped, she was given medical assistance and then pulled back up the cliff on a stretcher and taken to hospital.

Deputy Watch Manager, Matthew West said, “This woman was incredibly lucky to be rescued with relatively minor injuries. We know it’s worrying when pets go missing but cliffs are dangerous places, particularly in the dark.

“If you think your pet is on the wrong side of a cliff please don’t attempt to rescue them yourself or you too could find yourself in a precarious position on a cliff ledge.”

Sourced from: http://ventnorblog.com/2011/03/24/woman-and-cat-rescued-from-cliff-edge/#ixzz1HW2DirZQ
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