Abandoned cat may have been shot in face

A cat found in a garbage bin on Wednesday is believed to have been shot in the face before it was dumped there.

Whether the shooting was intentional remains unknown, like the rest of the story about how and why the cat sheriff's deputies named Felix ended up in the trash bin.

The cat was found on Wednesday night by a person trapshooting. The cat was in poor health, but had obviously been cared for in the past. It was spayed, declawed and was not malnourished.

However since it was taken in Wednesday evening by the Capital Humane Society, the cat refused to eat, said Lindsay Wallasky, an administrative assistant at the Humane Society. Further examination on Friday determined that what looked like a scrape near Felix's nose was actually an entry wound of, apparently, a shotgun shell pellet, Wallasky said. The pellet exited through the cat's chin, injuring its tongue and the roof of its mouth in the process.

She said Monday the cat is still refusing to eat, and that a feeding tube may be inserted if its condition worsens.

"She's in good spirits," Wallasky said. "She responds when you pet her, and her tail still wags."

Wallasky said several people have come forward with donations and offers to adopt the cat, although she said it's too soon to think about where its next home will be.

"The cat is definitely not out of the woods yet," she said.

Source: Journal Star


  1. Hopefully felix makes a quick recovery.

  2. Get well soon felix. Hopefully you'll find a better more caring home in future.

  3. I felt so sorry for felix reading this story. hopefully felix will be fit again. Keep up the good work love reading your blogs

  4. This is a disgrace. Hopefully this will not happen again in future. Hope felix will recover very quickly

  5. This story is very sad and cats like felix do not deserve this at all. I am very upset and will ne sponsoring this!

  6. Horrific and it isn't stopping

  7. So many cats who have been "declawed" (the amputation of their end toe bones) end up being abused, neglected or dumped. Felix is one of many. Poor Felix. I hope she recovers and is able to find a great forever home.