Gipsy Hill runner to raise funds for abandoned cat who was 'left to die'

Alison Taylor Reed, a psychotherapist from Gipsy Hill, met Bubbles the cat while volunteering with the Cat Team at Foal Farm Rescue Centre, in Biggin Hill.

Ms Taylor Reed is determined to run the London Marathon which takes place on April 17 after Bubbles was found in woods nearby the centre with seriously injured legs. It is believed Bubbles had been left to die.

Ms Talyor Reed said: “When I met Bubbles it was instant love. I was saddened to see the state of her back legs and the difficulty she had walking. It was shocking to know that this poor cat had been found in the woods, on her own, probably left to die.”

She added: “I'm running the London Marathon to help Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre to pay for Bubble’s operations and her subsequent check-ups. It would be fantastic to think that by me running this Marathon, Bubbles may one day be able to run again. It's a wonderful charity and I'd be really grateful if cat lovers would sponsor me.”

Ms Taylor Ree has been helping the charity, which rehomes animals across London and the South East, since 2009 and has even taken three cats home to live with her, Queenie, Bobo and Cheech.

Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre finds new homes for hundreds of lost and unwanted animals across London and the South East every year and has up to 200 animals waiting to be rehomed at any one time.

To sponsor Alison visit or call Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre on 01959 572 386.

Source: Streatham Guardian


  1. great purpose, will defenitly sponsor for the cause. There are so many stories like bubbles.

  2. All the best in the marathon. hopefully you'll reach your target.

  3. Yes Yes i will definently sponsor this cause!!!!

  4. I will be sponsoring the cats!!!!!!!!!!! hope everyone else does aswell plz!!

  5. What a generous lot - why not!

  6. Thankyou to all that have made a donation