Feral cats aren't a threat

The statement that, "feral cats threaten reptiles, amphibians and children," is ludicrous.

Cats don't hunt frogs, turtles or snakes, and cat colonies are not normally found near ravines and marshes. Feral cats live and hide in urban alleyways, abandoned lots and buildings. Recognized for their fearfulness and timidity, there is no known study showing their attacks on people. Cats are not linked to disease transmission and, in fact, for centuries, have done humans a favour by removing the rats and mice responsible for urban plagues.

Any animal bite or scratch can potentially become serious, and this is why everyone must practice a respectful approach, common sense, and protocol when interacting with domestic and, especially, wild animals.

But don't blame the poor, persecuted feral cat for imagined threats. Their lives are hard enough, and colony caretakers are showing leadership by mitigating their suffering while tackling the population issue.

Source: Windsor Star


  1. Whoever said the opening statement clearly does not understand favours done by cats for us!

  2. PaulkingdomofacocksTuesday, April 05, 2011

    There certainly is a lot of evidence against cats!