Bettany and a tale of one kitty

AWARD-WINNING writer and television presenter Bettany Hughes, 42, the chairmen of this year’s Orange prize for Fiction panel, has found a novel way of getting to know books she is judging.

The celebrated classicist, who is the daughter of Bergerac actor Peter Hughes (he played the bank manager), had to read 130 books in her capacity as literacy judge. ‘The biggest problem was where to store them all’, say’s Bettany, sister of former England cricketer Simon, ‘I decided to stack them all on my landing. However for some reason my cat to a liking to them and started spraying all the books.

‘I got to know pretty intimately as, like a pagan priestess maintaining her tablets, I laboriously sponged down each book’ Adds an exhausted Bettany: ‘What’s really odd is my cat is a female and I didn’t know lady cats could do that.’ Perhaps puss is more of a fact cat….

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. The cat wanted to read as well!