If cats really have nine lives - Max definitely just lost one!

It's a good thing that Max has nine lives to spare, after getting an arrow lodged in his head, it's almost certain he is now one life short.

Brad Paquin and his wife Nancy recalled his cat Max was missing for two days but they expected him to come back at any moment and left food for him in his bowl. And return he did, darting into his Santa Cruz house and straight for his food bowl as he always did.

Only this time he had a black, red and yellow arrow lodged into his head.

When Mr Paquin took the cat to the vet, they found that it was lodged two to three inches into his head but did not crack the skull or cause permanent damage.

He told Mercury News: 'He's one tough cat. It looked like a Halloween costume when I first saw him.

'When we got to the vet they confirmed the arrow had been in there for at least 24 hours, so he was disoriented and had been injured for awhile.'

But three-year-old Max was able to return home two days later and is said to be 'doing well' with only a small hole in his ear.

Mr Paquin said: 'I wanted people to know this happened because, to me, I think it has to be a kid who did it. The arrow was short enough that it couldn't have been the type of high-powered bow an adult would use.

No arrests have been made, but animal control officers are canvassing the neighbourhood trying to identify a possible suspect.

Source: Daily Mail


  1. he's such a strong little guy to have a arrow lodged in his head and still survive he must be one brave little cat.

  2. Let's get the suspect and put an arrow in his(?) head

  3. It might be a woman

  4. I don't think so this is a man thing!

  5. What a brave strong cat, glad to see him recovered.