The furry fists of fury! Raging cat punches dog!

They say you're either a cat lover or a dog lover - but this amazing film should appeal to both, for very different reasons.

The extraordinary clip shows a cat going nuts after the dog gently nudges it with its nose.

Dog lovers will admire the restraint the canine assault victim shows. And they're sure to enjoy the 'awww' factor from the sad, pitiful look on its face after taking a pounding.

Cat lovers will probably just revel in the sight of seeing a cat dole out some serious punishment to an animal much bigger than itself.

The feline fighter delivers 13 left hooks straight to the face in quick succession, before following up with a right-left-right combination that would make any pugilist proud.

The dog soaks up the punishment with little reaction.

Whether the dog was being a perfect gentlemen (or lady) by merely letting the other animal let off some steam, or whether the dog was genuinely dazed by the onslaught, we will never know.

The video was burning up YouTube on Wednesday, getting nearly 120,000 views in four days. It comes complete with its own menacing soundtrack. Below is the link to the video

Source: Daily Mail 7th April


  1. That cats got some serious boxing skills with that combination

  2. But they do move really quickly when they want to -the speed is amazing