They certainly make an amusing couple. A tabby cat enjoys a few nose-to-nose moments with a dolphin before reaching out with a paw to stroke the side of its face.

Both the cat and the dolphin seem extremely curious and playful in each other's company.

The touching scene was captured on camera in one minute and 50 seconds of total cuteness.

At first the dolphin keeps resting its chin on the top of the cat's head.

Then the cat reaches out with its paw, beckoning its giant buddy to come closer.

After what appears to be some loving kisses, the cat rubs its head all around the dolphin's mouth.

At one point the cat appears to be kissing the dolphin while holding the side of its face with the left paw. Two more dolphins show up, but this kitty only has eyes for its new pal.

The location of the video is unclear, but one thing is certain: The feline fine factor of the clip has proved to be a big hit.

It has been watched more than 31,000 times since it was posted last month.

To see the video please follow the link:

Source: Daily Mail

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