Brian’s on a Blessed mission to save our pets

ANIMAL champion actor Brian Blessed will be in Carlisle tomorrow to launch a campaign to stop countless cats and dogs being killed on Britain’s roads each year.

The star, who recently went to 10 Downing Street to demand a ban on wild animals in circuses, is now turning his attention to domestic pets.

Brian is siding with the cat welfare charity Feline Friends, who fear the Government may soon ban electronic collars, which keep pets safe in back gardens.

“It’s a very humane system which saves pets from horrific injury and death on the roads and spares their owners the misery of losing much-loved cats and dogs,” said Brian. “Feline Friends worry that this life-saving system could be scrapped and that would be very misguided.”

In his campaign Brian is embarking on a 2,000-mile bus tour around England, asking for signatures on a petition to Parliament calling for the system to be retained.

He will be launching the campaign outside the city’s Crown and Mitre Hotel at 8am tomorrow.

To add your name to the petition go to:

Source: News and Star


  1. I hope the government does ban all forms of shock collars and also "invisible fences" They are cruel, cause animals to panic and have caused injury. Shock collars have absolutely no place in humane training of animals. Pain only causes fear of more pain and this is what all of these shock devices do. The British Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors had a campaign to ban these devices, I hope they succeed.

    The use of Invisible fences can result in a panicked animal running through the invisible fence, impervious to the pain of the electric shock due to adrenalin. The animal is then stranded outside of the invisible fence, unable to get back to safety. These use of these devices is misguided.

    With animal training there are no shortcuts. Using any form of pain to train an animal is to ensure that the animal learns nothing of the behaviour you want, only fear of pain and people.

  2. alesusamichiganqueen1Monday, April 18, 2011

    How very true - however you dress it up it is still torture