Cat and owl playing are Youtube's weirdest friends

A video of a cat and an owl playing together is racking up hits on Youtube.

Featuring Fum the cat and Gebra the owl, the video shows the unlikely friends frolicking in the countryside.

It’s amazing watching, as fur vs feather friends Fum and Gebra play gently together.

In some scenes, Gebra the barn owl swoops low over Fum’s head as the cat leaps into the air, in others the pair rub up against each other.

On one occasion the owl is forced to give the cat a peck as a reminder to get too boisterous.

It’s not known how Fum and Gebra became friends or where they live, but the Youtube poster is Spanish.

“Fum is a lovely black cat and Gebra a kind barn owl. This bird of prey fly far away but lands everytime near Fum, its faithful friend. Fum and Gebra have one year of age and have known they had a month,” says the video blurb on Youtube.

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Source: T&T magazine


  1. Not your traditional friends but they seem to get along very well

  2. What a cool video, thats a seriously cool owl and cat!!