Hunt for the cat killer

Mystery as 12 pets are slaughtered or kidnapped in quiet cul-de-sac

If one cat died from anti-freeze poisoning, it could be seen as a tragic accident.

But when nine from the same street passed away in distress after drinking the fluid, foul play was suspected.

Now pet owners in the peaceful cul-de-sac are too terrified to allow their animals out, fearing a sick-minded cat-killer is on the prowl.

Police and RSPCA inspectors have made inquiries at the 30 homes in the road but no one has been caught.

Retired carer Shirley Wilson, 61, whose pet, Fudge, died in April last year after being kicked, has printed warning posters which she has stuck to trees and lamp-posts along the road.

She said: ‘Some people hate cats with a vengeance, but how twisted must you be to use poison?

‘A vet carried out autopsies on four of them and diagnosed anti-freeze poisoning ... they definitely aren’t natural deaths.

'I have told the police and I'm putting up posters around the area. We don't want to point a finger but people need to be warned.

'Everyone is too scared to let their cats roam free now - my neighbours are keeping theirs indoors and I wouldn't risk getting another while I live here.'

Source: Daily Mail

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