Cat dies as head stuck in a can

A cat died after getting its head stuck in a tin can. The dark tortoiseshell coloured female, was in the canal behind Neptune Health Park, Sedgley Road West, Tipton.

SPCA, animal welfare officer Boris Lasserre was helping a duck with fishing line stuck around its leg on June 6 when he discovered the cat.

He found the cat’s head was stuck in a dog food can. “the cat must of tried to eat the remaining food in the can and panicked when she couldn’t get her head out. Its seems she has then run into the canal and drowned,” he added.

“I cant imagine the terror the cat must of experienced before dying. It is ironic that I found her when I had been called out to rescue another animal which was entangled in carelessly discarded fishing line.

“we have such a problem with animals suffering because of litter and this graphically shows the consequences of failing to dispose of rubbish properly.”

The cat was not microchipped and was not wearing a collar.

Source: Express and Star

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  1. What a terrible way for the cat to die. Hopefully council's around the country can do something about the litter.