MEET Britain's grumpiest cat Mr Pip — who never loses his sour-puss expression

He does not like noise, bad weather and particularly hates football. His favourite past-times are sitting in a bush and staring at dogs.

Were he human, Mr Pip would be a dead ringer for TV's Victor Meldrew — the grouchy main character from the BBC sitcom One Foot In The Grave.

Owner Rose Oughten, 65, from King's Lynn, Norfolk, reckons the pet's glum looks are because he is part-Burmese.

The part-time dinner lady and cleaner, who has had the eight-year-old moggy for a year and a half, said: "He always looks that grumpy and acts it as well.

"He doesn't like any noise in the house, he doesn't like football. What he does seem to like is just staring at dogs with that look he's got."

The widow and mum-of-two said she was worried something was wrong with Mr Pip and even took him to the vets.

She added: "I was worried he was in pain or unhappy. But the vet said his face is perfectly normal — he's an affectionate cat really."

Source: The Sun


  1. He really does look grumpy!

  2. I wonder what would cheer him up!?