Cat-lovers’ wedding gift to rescue charity

A CAT-LOVING couple have asked their wedding guests for the purrfect present on their big day – donations to a rescue charity.

Vanessa Duggan, 37, and Thomas Wood, 33, are tying the knot at Carr Hall Castle, Halifax, this Saturday.

The couple, of Charlestown, Hebden Bridge, are the loving owners of two cats, Leo and Simba.

But they know that many other pets are not so lucky, which is why they have chosen to support Haworth Cat Rescue.

“Our cats are our life, they come first – before even us,” said Ms Duggan.

“So Haworth Cat Rescue is a good cause and it’s close to our hearts.”

The charity takes in abandoned and stray cats and helps people who need to rehome their pets due to issues like illness or eviction.

“The reality is the charity can’t help every person or every cat and kitten that needs them due to lack of money needed to build a bigger centre,” said Ms Duggan. “The vet bills alone are thousands of pounds each month.

“It would be so wonderful if by celebrating our special day with our family and friends we could also raise a significant sum to help change lives.”

The couple will have a collection box on their big day, but have also set up a page on Virgin Money Giving for online giving ahead of their wedding.

“We’d love it if other well-wishers added their donations to this worthy cause, too,” Ms Duggan said.

“Knowing we’ve made a difference would be the best wedding gift of all.”

To donate, search for Vanessa Duggan at


  1. Congratulations! And a great idea, more than happy to donate

  2. www.i-love-cats.comThursday, June 16, 2011

    Congrats!!! will spread the news and hopefully raise as much as we can.