Fancy a cup of CAT-POO-CCINO?

Meet the Asian Palm Civet. Also known as a Toddy Cat, he is a feline-sized mammal native to Southeast Asia. Civets like to eat red coffee berries and beans. In the jungles in which they live, they find the sweetest, ripest ones and munch on them with their cute little faces. But they can't digest them, so the berries and beans come out as poop. One day, humans discovered that the enzymes in the civets' tummies break down the coffee's bitterness, leaving behind an extremely delicious pooped bean. They took the poop home, washed it lightly, roasted it, ground it, poured boiled water over it, and drank it. Tastes like caramel and chocolate! Thus spawned a small industry of poop-coffee-making.

Kopi Luwak is known to be one of the trendiest beverages around and is now available in Birmingham!!

“Kopi Luwak or civet coffee, is labelled the best coffee in the worlds – and at £100 - £300 per pound it should be. Its filled with a deep, but mellow, flavour and is not at all acidic. This champagne of the coffee world has a unique soft, almost sweet taste, despite its origins, it is very pleasant – as long as you don’t think too hard about where it came from. The high cost of the coffee is due in part to its scarcity – only 500 kgs of Kopi Luwak beans are produced each year in its home of Indonesia. It’s a favourite in Japan and the USA and is now ready to drink in Birmingham….

However, would YOU drink this?


  1. I'm not so sure about this coffee. Kind of curious as to what it taste like but cant help but think it's some animals 'poop'!

  2. I won't go near this drink