Night barking ban on dogs… and Cats too as it goes!

A CITY has passed a law banning dogs from barking between 10pm and 8am to make life quieter for residents.

The rule, which is among measures aimed at ‘maintaining cleanliness and order’, also applies to cats meowing and pigs grunting, according to reports. Owners of animals flouting the edict in the city of Kherson, Ukraine, will face fines of up to £65.

Opponents have queried how the laws will be enforced. ‘What happens if they arrest a stray dog for barking out of hours – who will they fine then?’ said one.

A Loophole also means that the rules apply only to animals whose owners live in apartment blocks and not private houses.


  1. This is absolutely absurd how can you tell these creatures not to meow or bark, its in their nature to communicate through those means.

  2. personally i think this is more aimed at dog's as cat's barely are heard making so much noise from their meow's

    1. Belated reply - just! The issue has just arisen again in respect of a Warwickshire family who had a female who had not been neutered. At night all non castrated males within a million miles were lining up to achieve their desires - apparently it was quite noisy!