Chinese Eat Cats Says BBC Presenter

BBC Radio presenter Judi Spiers has had to apologise on air after claiming on air that Chinese people eat cats. The quote was regarding discussion on a book being sold telling the story of Casper the cat who travelled 11 miles back and forth on a bus route from its home in Plymouth. Judi had said;
“Ten-and-a-half thousand copies have been sold and the book has been translated into six different languages – Dutch, German, Portuguese, Italian and two dialects of Chinese – I don’t know whether they’ll enjoy that, don’t they eat cats?”
Half an hour after the statement she apologized for what she had said, apologising to any of the listeners who may have found it distasteful and that she did not mean to offend.

Source: The Daily Telegraph -


  1. What do your know?

  2. I love a warm cat

  3. But could you eat one?

  4. In Gzuang Dong district of China, they do eat cats. The cats are dunked in scalding water, then skinned alive. For verification, see Antony Thomas' documentary "Man & Animal" 1995. UK Production.

    In the documentary the restaurent shown is full of well heeled customers, lawyers, dentists, doctors. Cat eating is a practice that was revived in Gzuang Dong during the 1980s, by yuppies!

    I don't know why people get the hump about someone saying that in China, cats are eaten by people. Seems to me they ought to be more offended by the hideous lives of pain and neglect these cats kept by restaurants live followed by the most awful death imaginable.

  5. But cats can't be nice to eat - there's no real flesh to speak of. If someone was starving I imagine you could justify it but not otherwise. It's like killing Rhinos for the horns as an aphrodisiac - madness!

  6. I hope they're sick - they are sick but I hope they're sick afterwards. That is vile