New feline plague theory

There is a new theory that cats have within their system a virus that could destroy humanity. There are a number of identified viruses that could leap the species barrier from cat to man.

The cat is the most popular of pets - throughout the world they have succeeded in inveigling themselves into the homes of people. Across cultures the stories of the secret power of cats are multiple.

Now in this century cats have infections that can spread to children and adults. As Society fears disease from animals,cattle,birds so it fears the poor cat.

The threat is unspoken but most Western Governments have operational plans to handle a cat virus that could threaten mankind. The potential cat plague is among us now!

One major Western Security organisation has a name for the condition - 'The Paw Syndrome' - the solution is the extermination of the cat for ever.

Source: Research paper 2 : The potential for the spread of a virus from all feline species and its capacity to infect humans. RVS October 2011 

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  1. alesusamichiganqueen1Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    How many times have we heard this through so many animals - cows, birds, pigs, and on and on? I want to see when and where it happens.