Lost cat found after 6 years!

Sar Chi was found 6 years after going missing
Whilst Beauty the kitten remains lost - see our previous stories here and here - a recent story shows that happy endings are still possible despite the passing of time.

The Kirkwood family, from Wallingford in Oxfordshire, England, lost their tabby cat Sar Chi way back in 2005. Despite a huge search throughout their neighbourhood the Kirkwoods never found Sar Chi again.

Recently, the family decided to adopt a new cat and began looking through the listings of a local rescue centre - only to be stunned to see a picture of their long-lost pet on its website!

The Kirkwoods took their old pictures of Sar Chi to the rescue centre. A comparison between their the tabby's unique markings and the cat on the website duly confirmed that their missing pet had been found!

Sar Chi was immediately reunited with his old family and has now been microchipped, with the Kirkwoods over the moon to have their tabby back.

However, Sar Chi's whereabouts since 2005 are unknown. He had been brought into the rescue centre at the beginning of this September, with no name tag or microchip.

The intervening six years seem set to remain a complete mystery!

You can read more at the Oxford Mail.

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  1. I'm having the wife micro-chipped!