The cat as intruder

Ginger was a large, frightened cat who, one day, I found in our hall having just devoured a plate of cat biscuits. He went back on his haunches made a vaguely aggressive noise but ran off down the hall, swerving to avoid my feet and then charged at the cat flap. The next day he was back sitting on the drive just staring at the house. There was the usual degree of wariness from the house cats and they didn't go near. I took out a bowl of food and only when I had retreated back to the door did he come and take something. Pat, my wife, managed to get him to come closer to her but not within touching distance. However the cat flaps proved no resistance and he began to come in and out at will while the 'official' cat residents found safety upstairs or behind chairs. Little did we know that this was the start of a great adventure.


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