Ginger settles in

Ginger had achieved so much by now - a regular eating habit, set routines, no fights with his new found friends and all seemed at peace although we weren't still quite sure why he had chosen us apart from the regular supply of food, warmth, comfort, easy access and delightful company. He had seemed to be drifting in and out for such a long time but now he was settled and was a permanent resident until his double life was revealed. One day my wife was chatting at the front door to a neighbour that we didn't know really well when in through the back door wandered Ginger. 'Ginger,' the neighbour shouted 'Is this where you've been?' Ginger stared guiltily at the floor and made for upstairs at a vast speed! Unmasked? He certainly was. He had been an itinerant visitor to our neighbour for some time and was well cared for. Unfortunately she and her husband were of to Australia for several weeks and she made arrangements for someone to look after him. On return she was upset that no-one had seen him apart from us that is. We worked out the week that he decided to move him and it coincided with their departure to Australia.

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