Dangerous Vets

In the car on the way to the Vets Ginger was exceptionally quiet barely moving while Pat made comforting noises and talked to him the whole time. She went in first to the reception while I removed Ginger in the carrier and gently transported him to the waiting room. The Vet came to the door and called Ginger. Pat was explaining to the Vet the potential dangers of handling Ginger and how he wasn't really ours and had never been to the Vets when he stuck his nose out of the open flap and stepped 'gingerly' onto the table without protest. We were astonished as he sat quietly allowing the Vet to examine him thoroughly and not objecting to his ears being pulled, or his teeth being examined and his sexuality checked. The problem was an infected patch at the top of his back leg which needed treatment. Ginger never flinched not even at the sight of the needle. He was well and truly treated and man handled.

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