Cats and gods

Cats were revered as god-like by the ancient Egyptians. In 1888 at Istabl Antar a mass grave of hundreds of thousands of cats mummified in cloth just like the Pharaohs themselves were found by a farmer. They weighed an estimated 19 tons. There were a number of theories at the time one suggesting that the Egyptians, fearful of the quiet power of cats, had ensured they would go to the same God as those most important in the world like the Pharaohs themselves. Why were they all buried in the same spot? Were they expected to arise from the grave at the same time or join their owners en masse in the after world?

What happened to the cat mummies - 200,000 brought back to Liverpool to be ground up and ploughed into fields. Beware the day of cat armageddon if they should arise from the dust at the same time!

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