Cat Crisis in UK

The RSPCA have reported that in the UK 'owners' allow their pets to breed unchecked producing thousands of unwanted cats. Will this mean a cull as been asked for by certain in the anti cat lobby? The UK has a cat population of around 10 million and rising exponentially. The main fear is that there may be the feeling that more cats should be killed to redress the balance.

Source: RSPCA UK Apirl 2014


  1. I've often wondered about your motives for promoting the killing of cats under the guise of posts that purport to be about welfare of cats.

    Weren't you going to publish a novel about all cats having to be killed due to Toxoplasmosis Gondii?

    I don't think people need any more reasons to hurt or hate cats.

    We need cheap spay and neuter programs and we need to encourage vets to promote spay/neuter and to offer low cost clinics to those on reduced incomes. People need to get some education about this issue, it's the single most threatening aspect to the welfare of cats in our country today - there are too many cats and not enough people who are prepared to care for them.

  2. PS: The RSPCA don't need any more reasons to kill more cats! They kill more cats per year than ANY other animal charity. The RSPCA are one of the richest charities in the country and now live off the backs of the animals they were set up to protect.