Cats spread potentially fatal disease

There has been much coverage of the increasing danger of cats spreading tuberculosis across the country and infecting people. Jessica Livings is the most recent individual to contract TB from her kitten Onyx. Jessica was one of the first four recorded cats-to-human transmission of bovine TB. It is likely that he may have been infected at a veterinary clinic in Newbury UK who had put down seven cats infected with bite wounds from badgers who are notorious spreaders of TB. All cats suspected of TB will have to be put down!

Photo Fergus Walsh: Story various March 2014

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  1. Where is the law that states every cat suspected of having TB is to be put down?

    My vets have treated a cat with TB this last year, he recovered well. TB is rare in cats.

    The hysteria about TB in cats is the last thing cats need. Please don't promote falsehoods about non existent laws. There is no rule about this. If a cat is too ill to recover, then euthanasia may be advised. There has been an epic amount of misinformation and very poor science reporting about this issue.

    Cats need advocates!