Cat killed for having long hair!

Long haired cats are notoriously difficult to keep groomed especially if they like to wander in undergrowth. The Byrnes family of Tring in Hertfordshire UK never thought they would have a problem but Claude, their Turkish Van, hated being combed and would fight anyone who tried. In desperation the family could only get a trim for him if he was under anaesthetic. After complaints about his appearance the RSPCA began to make regular appearances at the Byrnes' home and were threatened with fines and imprisonment unless they agreed to have the cat destroyed. With eternal regret they signed the paperwork under not inconsiderable pressure. A post mortem suggested that the cat was in relatively good health. While some animals are abused there is a sense that on accasion the RSPCA resort to court action when some common sense might prevail.

Sourec Daily Mail picture : Mark Richards

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