Symptoms to watch out for in your cat

Symptoms of the cat illness are as follows:
General lethargy followed by a total lack of interest in any food. Drinking and liquid intake stops almost completely.
The second stage is indicated by excessive licking and cleaning. This phase goes on for several days.
Vomiting follows and then involuntary muscle spasms.
The final stage is the loss of bodily control and eventually severe shakes jerking the animals head violently. This 'shuddering' can then lead to paralysis and death.
All symptoms must be reported immediately.

Source: Cat Contol Order 1 posted throughout the city only


  1. Is this really happening and why isit being kept a secret

  2. FreddiefreedomwatchWednesday, August 04, 2010

    It is some kind of usual over reaction but the local control freaks