Larry will bring law and order to No 10

HE looks cuddly enough, but meet the “bruiser” who has been brought in to help clean up politics – or at least Downing Street.

Larry has already proved he is up to scratch by getting his claws into ITV’s Lucy Manning who was amongst reporters and photographers.

His brief is to restore law and order after rodents were seen scuttling outside the Prime Minister’s official residence.

David Cameron said:

“I’m delighted to welcome Larry to his new home.”

And with that, Larry immediately proved he was up to scratch by taking a swipe at a TV reporter.

Mr Cameron insisted Larry will make a “great addition” to the government team and “charm” dignitaries from around the world.

Larry is the first Downing Street cat since stalwart ratter Humphrey retired in 1997!

Larry, it seems, is more suited to life at the sharp end.

Source: The Daily Express



  2. I think he knows more than he's letting on

  3. There has been a long line of cats at Number 10 didn't Queen Cherie do for the last one?